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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: Board report for September
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2020 06:04:37 GMT
Here's the board report, a few hours past the deadline....  (got busy doing
other things)

Board report for Apache UIMA, for September 2020.

## Description:
Apache UIMA's mission: the creation and maintenance of open-source software
related to the analysis of unstructured data, guided by the UIMA Oasis
Standard. The software provides frameworks, tools and annotators,
facilitating the analysis of unstructured content such as text, audio and

## Issues: No Board level issues at this time.

## Membership Data:
Apache UIMA was founded 2010-03-16 (10 years ago)
There are currently 25 committers and 17 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 7:5.

Community changes, past quarter:
- No new PMC members. Last addition was Viorel Morari on 2019-11-18.
- No new committers. Last addition was Viorel Morari on 2018-09-20.

## Project Activity:
### Releases:

0 releases in last quarter

4 releases previous quarter
11 April 2020: Apache UIMA Ruta 2.8.1
17 April 2020: Apache UIMA Ruta 3.0.1
26 April 2020: Apache uimaFIT 2.5.0
12 May 2020: Apache uimaFIT 3.1.0

## Activity:
UIMA AS completed the process of switching to GIT.

Work was done as to switch our Jenkins automation to the new build
infrastructure, for several projects.

Issues at a slow/moderate pace are continuing to be reported
and fixed mainly in uimaFIT and Ruta. 
Work on other projects slowed during this last quarter.
## Community Health: The community continues to be moderately active.


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