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From "Don Laursen" <>
Subject RE: Frames in Velocity template
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:45:29 GMT
> > Where does all this stuff come from?
> The VelocityECSLayout class.
> If you don't want it, then use the VelocityOnlyLayout class
> instead (or
> define your own and use that).
> I will repeat what Geir said: This is the Velocity list. If
> you have Turbine
> questions, post them to the Turbine list. Not everyone here
> is interested in
> Turbine.
> thanks,
> -jon

Ok, sorry for my confusion, last time I posted a Velocity question on the
Turbine list you slapped my wrist, now I get the opposite. Since Geir's
reply I searched the turbine archive for "frames" and found this:

>This is possible right now! override Screen.getLayout() to return null
>for your screen, and put the frameset markup into the screen template.

Looks like I have a few choices.

So thanks for the redirect, I'm still on the learning curve.

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