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From Ewan Makepeace <>
Subject Apologies
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 10:16:37 GMT
I just sent my first message to this list, and later read a warning on
the main Apache site against posting in HTML. Looking at the source for
my posting I can see it would have been pretty ugly for anyone reading
as plain text. 

1) I have checked my settings (MS Outlook) and it is set to 'send as
Plain Text'.
2) I have followed the link to the MS patches and service packs page,
but don't see an obvious fix, and some of the service packs are over
3) I will use Yahoo web mail to post in future until I can sort this
out - anyone else know how to fix this?
4) Apologies for any inconvenience.

I repeat my original posting in plain text below:
Hi Everyone,
I just downloaded the last nightly build and subscribed to this list.
I have written a web application generator that builds semi complete
web apps with persistent beans and JSP based screens, which I am using
in my current project. However the generator uses a relatively crude
template parser that forces me to put a lot of the java and JSP syntax
in the java code (and we all know how ugly that can get!). As soon as
my current project is stable I plan to use the generator to generate
the next iteration of itself (the code it generates is a lot nicer than
the code it is built with if you know what I mean!)
I toyed with the idea of using JSP as the template engine - since the
next version will run under Tomcat that would be OK for the Java code,
but you cannot easily generate JSP using JSP - the tags get mixed up!
Then I came across Velocity and it looked just about ideal - a simple
clean syntax, support for loops and if-then and direct hooks to Java.
So a couple of simple questions for you all before I get too deep into
1)    Is Velocity a good match for this type of project?
2)    I havn't seen much change on the web site since I first saw it 6
months ago - is there a stable release in sight?
3)    I have also noticed Turbine (which seems to be similar to my own
project) - is it worth investigating?
Ewan Makepeace

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