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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject RE: Frames in Velocity template
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 18:50:25 GMT

> From: Don Laursen []

> Hi, probably a simple question... but I searched the mail 
> archive for frames
> and header and didn't find an answer.
> If I create a frameset in a Velocity template it fails 
> because frames aren't
> allowed inside body tags. The header and body tags seem so be 
> auto created
> by velocity. So how do I control this?

Velocity doesn't create any tags.  It doesn't even know anything about HTML.
It's just processing it's references ($foo) and directives( #foreach() ) in
your template.  You can use it for HTML, text, whatever.

> How do I put my own items in the header of template? Do I use 
> a context.put
> type of call?

Again, there is no such thing - the template is your own from start to
> I'm sure there are better ways to display multiple pages on 
> one page, but
> I'm just experimenting right now.
> I'm using TDK a11, thanks in advance

Ah!  And therefore Turbine?  the Turbine list might be the best place to

If not using Turbine, and just using Velocity, I get frame like layout w/o
the pain of frames by using #parse() to include a mainbody inside of a
'frame' template.  This allows me to 'skin' content- provide different looks
around the same material, different navigation styles, etc.


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