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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Velocity vs FreeMarker vs Struts vs WebWork
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2001 23:23:03 GMT
on 2/17/01 3:18 PM, "Randall Parker" <> wrote:

> Jon,
> Your article at that URL made it sound like you were making a big change to
> Velocity to support pull MVC.

Nope. Entirely in your own mind.

No where in that document does it say anything like that.

> I want to know whether you think that the
> details of that change are fully reflected in the current
> doc.

Of what change? The only thing that changed was a mindset.

> I want to compare that version of Velocity to other possible tools.

What "version" of Velocity? There is only one "version" of Velocity.

> In 
> order to do that I'd like to know that the doc that I'm reading isn't missing
> anything important that is being put in as a result of the
> change that you discuss in that article.

there is no code change!

> I've seen from your postings in Tomcat Dev as well that you speak of Velocity
> more as being in the process of becoming something much better as if perhaps
> some key elements of that change aren't there yet.


> So, again, I want to compare this pull MVC version of Velocity to the
> alternatives.

there is no pull version of velocity!

> But if there are key elements of that version that are not
> present in the doc then trying to do that comparison now would prejudice the
> results against Velocity and the exercise of doing the comparison would be
> premature. 

I think you are seriously confused and I don't even know how to respond to
you anymore. :-(


If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take
your pain to new levels. --Anonymous
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