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From "WATKINS, Andy, FM" <>
Subject RE: Error compiling 20010211 with ant
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:37:40 GMT
Thanks for the prompt reply. Im still having trouble though,
though I too spoke too soon!

I think it might be a bug in our winzip implementation.
Were building on NT. When I open up the tar archive
in winzip some of the files have truncated names.
For instance ""
gets truncated to "IntrospectionCacheData.jav". I've never seen
this before. The same happens when I download the 20010212 build,
so its unlikely to be corruption during download. 
The exact file size I have for ...0212.tar.gz is 3,283,261bytes. 
Let me have a colleague check this... and I'll get back to you....

-----Original Message-----
From: Geir Magnusson Jr. []
Sent: 12 February 2001 14:18
Subject: RE: Error compiling 20010211 with ant

> From: WATKINS, Andy, FM [
<> ] 
> Im having trouble compiling velocity using the ant script. 
> It looks like C:\src\Apache-Velocity-20010211\bin\src\ 
> should be in the classpath but it isnt! 

I take my previous response back.  I spoke to soon.  I was working in
build-velocity.xml yesterday, so I was afraid I broke something, but you are
using an older snapshot (and I didn't break anything...)

I just downloaded the 20010211 snapshot and it builds just fine.  As a
doublecheck, I downloaded the 20010212 snapshot, and it too builds just

I did the following : 

1) untar-ed into d:\temp 
2) cd into D:\temp\Apache-Velocity-20010211\build 
3) build-velocity.bat 

And everything built cleanly. 

For the 20010212 snapshot, build-velocity.bat examples also worked fine, and
the examples ran.... 

more inline - 
> Andy 
> C:\src\Apache-Velocity-20010211\build>C:\src\Apache-Velocity-2 
> 0010211\build\ 
> build-velocity.bat 
> Buildfile: build-velocity.xml 
> env: 
> build.compiler = classic 
> java.home = c:\jdk1.3\jre 
> user.home = C:\WINNT\Profiles\watkina 
> java.class.path = 
> ;c:\jdk1.3\lib\tools.jar;.\lib\ant-1.2.jar;.\lib\ant-1.2-optio 
> nal.jar;.\lib\ 
> xerces-1.2.1.jar;.\lib\Fop 
> .class;.\lib\Xslt.class 
> prepare: 
>     [mkdir] Created dir: C:\src\Apache-Velocity-20010211\bin 
>     [mkdir] Created dir: C:\src\Apache-Velocity-20010211\bin\classes 
>     [mkdir] Created dir: C:\src\Apache-Velocity-20010211\bin\src 
>      [copy] Copying 136 files to 

That's really wierd - I have 141 files copied, not 136... 

I don't know why there would be less.  I assume you checked the obvious,
like disk space, etc? 

What if you start with a clean tarball again? 


(sorry about the previous misdirection...) 

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