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From "Thomas Fahrmeyer" <>
Subject automatic context filling ??
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 15:41:41 GMT

is there a way to do the following:
	UtilityClass.fillContext(context, "", "scott");

It should do: Look in the given context for a object named "user", then call
That would be very cool. I wanna use it to pre-fill a form. I want to create
a context and put all the
inital objects like "user" into that context. Then validate the form data.
If the form is invalid I would like to do:
	String value = request.getParameter("") // because all the form
elements are named like the
									 // Velocity context objects
	UtilityClass.fillContext(context, "", value);

Then I use this context to display the data in the template.

I know you are confused once again ;), but I think you can imagine what I
wanna have.

How can I achieve that, which classes are involved. Can I customize Velocity


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