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From "Hai Nguyen" <>
Subject Velocity Design
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 18:41:20 GMT

I like Velocity and would like to use it to build the view for my project.
However, I would like to learn more about Velocity design so that I can
explain to my colleagues in detail how good it is.  The Webmacro does a very
good job in explaining how it works in detail
( introspection, template is
immutable, performance (caching, class analysis), context per thread,
framework is extendable....

I wonder if Velocity has something like that and somebody can point me to

Also, Velocity states that its design concept "is borrowed from WebMacro."
By that, can I assume what Webmacro having in its design (as explained in
the webmacro web page "how it works" above) also applies to Velocity ?

Other questions:
- Are we close to an official release?  I read the archive and saw that
version 0.71 is "very, very stable".
- Do we have a draft for the developer guide yet ?

--- Hai

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