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From "Enlightened" <>
Subject Windows Build problems
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 04:51:15 GMT
Simply put, I can't get Velocity to build under Win98.  I have the NuSphere
MySQL / Apache system installed and running.  JDK 1.3 is installed and my
JAVA_HOME path is set to "D:\Program Files\jdk1.3"  When I run the build.bat
(from D:\Program Files\dist\velocity-1.0b1\build") I receive 4 error
messages "Out of environment space" (responding the 4 SET CLASSPATH
statements I'm guessing) followed by a "bad command or file name"...

I've managed to resolve the problems with the CLASSPATHs (I think, at least
I don't get the "Out of..." msg anymore.  But, I still receive the "bad
command..." msg, after which it does nothing.

I've checked my paths, java.exe runs fine if called from the command prompt
(even when called from outside of it's directory.)

Any ideas anyone?  :-)


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