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From "Albrecht F.Leiprecht" <>
Subject Who tampers when with the context ?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 20:01:53 GMT
Hi all...

I've seen something which I'm not really able to explain...

I have a form...

    <form method=post>
        <input type=hidden action="NameOfAction">

    well, you might dislike the hidden field, but this was the only
    way I was able call the Action...

which the user fills and submits...
the Action now, extracts the values from the form, validates it and
put's it in the Context

If I have Errors(=!Rule) in the Form, the form gets shown again. with
filled fields shown with the correct Values and the fields with errors with
appr. errormessage.

If all Fields were valid, I show a "ThankYou" Screen. (setScreenTemplate in

Now the ThankYou Template shows the Values as they should be.
If I show the Form with the errormsgs , the Fields get cut at the first

I was able to Track down, that the Java writes the Context properly

The way to read the context is the same on both Templates


Is there such behavior known ?

Any Ideas ?

Albrecht F. Leiprecht

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