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From Kyle "F." Downey <>
Subject RE: How do I get an exception for a null macro expansion
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:59:57 GMT

> Funny you should ask :)  At the moment, you would have to do some
> contortions to do that.
> But Jason and Jon have started work on the new logger stuff, and if I get my
> wish, we will have it based on an abstract interface, so you could implement
> your own 'logger', wrap in the right interface, and tell velocity to use
> that.  You could then make that class analyze the log in realtime if you
> wished.

Why not a generalized EventListener-based interface? That way an app
interested in these
types of errors could register an ErrorListener() with the Velocity
runtime and get callbacks....

If I were to embed Velocity in an app--particularly one that processes a
template for downstream use, say by an XSLT processor, something I plan
to do--I'd be very interested in hearing about errors in my templates.
This seems like a special case beyond basic logging that merits a  hook
for access.

Apps that use Velocity as part of a larger scheme have special needs
with respect to clean error
handling, and since supporting that type of app seems to be core to the
Velocity architecture,
I think it makes sense. 


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