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From Ewan Makepeace <>
Subject Re: FW: Velocity vs. JSP
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 16:47:55 GMT
--- "Geir Magnusson Jr." <> wrote:
> > then it is not compiled at all. I confess I have been moving more
> and
> > more of my display code out of templates and into Java using a
> display
> > object model similar to ECS to hide the tags and a lot of the
> > formatting, with great results.
> Stand still while we flog you... :)
> Why are you moving it out?  I am sure you have a good reason - I am
> interested to hear why...
Oops - should never have said that on a Velocity mailing list :-)

Umm - purely accidental. Conceptually I fully agree that logic belongs
in code, presentation in pages or templates, and never the twain shall
However I already had display objects to display arbitary JSP sections
so that I could compose composite pages, and found myself needing extra
text and headings - pieces too small to justify JSP pages to
themsleves. The heading class just extends the text class and wraps it
with <Hn> tags - so it was no sweat to add a generic Tag class for
other tags (with arbitary attributes). Next thing I knew I was writing
out cells, rows and tables, with no worries about unmatched tags and
with full compile time checking, and found I liked it.
I have to point out that my application has almost no static text -
everything is dynamic data, which is more suited to this sort of
Still don't worry too much - as soon as I can get the current project
off my desk, I plan a thorough evaluation of Turbine, which will put me
firmly back in the Velocity camp!


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