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From "David Esposito" <>
Subject RE: You make the decision.
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 14:01:33 GMT
Ok, I know this is going to bring on some flames ... but whatever ...

The article brings up some pretty interesting points and certainly
illustrates a lot of the reasons why we ultimately decided to use Velocity
for our project. But it is certainly not a resource for someone that is
trying to "make the decision" ... It doesn't even come close to illustrating
any of the downsides of using Velocity (or any true MVC architecture) ... a
very one-sided article by almost anyone's standards ...

One particular peeve I have about the article is its lack of illustrating
one point ... prototyping an application ... One of the reasons that Cold
Fusion and JSP have gained such market share is because the first person to
take a whack at a prototype for an application is often the web designer ...
Non-developers can build screen shots and even demonstrate some basic
functionality by using a few <CFOUTPUT> or <%= %> tags and a few HREF links
... On the other hand, building a prototype by a non-developer using
Velocity is not possible. Every page must be constructed using a back-end
servlet ... This means that the prototype and the production app must be two
independent projects (unless you want to allocate a developer to build a
servlet and modify the deployment descriptor for the web app for each page
that the designer wants to add)...

Yes, I know ... you may think that I have a pretty weak argument ... But in
practice, using the same language/technology for the production application
and the prototype does amazing things for speed of development ... Several
web projects that I worked on had incredible speed increases because the
designer and I were working on the same physical project and I could add
functionality to the pages that he already designed and linked ... and vice
versa ...

Like I said ... ultimately, we decided to go with Velocity but it certainly
wasn't a 'no-brainer' like the article implies it should be ...


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> Subject: You make the decision.
> After a few weeks of working on this in my off hour not-so-spare time, I
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>     You make the decision.
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