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From Tim Colson <>
Subject List Archives & template path
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 02:14:10 GMT
1) Is there a FAQ and/or mailing list archive that I can have a look

2) I realize my mileage may vary since I'm using Velocity with JBUILDER
and Tomcat -
but anyone have a clue to give me as to where the Velocity runtime is
attempting to read in template files from? Can I specify an absolute
windows path? If so - uh - stupid question, but how? I've tried all sorts
of methods without any luck. 

BTW - I can write a file into my templates directory from the servlet I'm
working on using the following code. However, a few lines lower when I try
to read in a .vm file from the same directory path - I get a
ResourceNotFound Exception.

    try {
      FileOutputStream fout =  new FileOutputStream("templates" +
File.separator + "whereami2.out");
      PrintStream myOutput = new PrintStream(fout);
      myOutput.println("Hello There!");
    catch (IOException e) {
      out.println("Error opening file: " + e);

Thanks folks!
Tim Colson

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