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From "Anthony Eden" <>
Subject RE: Can I write a macro that can call itself?
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:30:32 GMT
Regarding Brad's post about JWAA:

I can just imagine having to run make every time you make a minor change.

Developer 1: The CEO wants the page to be called foobar.html instead of
Developer 2: Hmmm...well, let me make that change and rebuild.
Developer 1: What build are we on now anyway?
Developer 2: Build 3,400,302,110 I think.
Developer 3: No, don't build now, I haven't finished the monkey widgets'll break everything.
Developer 2: Too late.
Developer 1: The CEO now wants the page to be called freakycheese.html.

There is a reason why scripting languages are popular.  :-)

Anthony Eden

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