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From Tavis Rudd <>
Subject thank you from the Cheetah team
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 02:08:12 GMT
Cheetah is a Python-powered template engine and code 
generator. The Velocity project provided inspiration and 
design ideas. Cheetah has benefitted from the creativity 
and energy of Velocity's developers. Thank you. 

Cheetah was designed for internet development and provides 
integration with Webware ( 
Together with Webware, Cheetah is a compelling alternative 
to ASP, JSP, PHP and PSP for building dynamic web sites.   
Cheetah can also be used without Webware and is not limited 
to HTML.

Last month, we shifted the development discussions to and created  Cheetah has matured a lot 
since then.  

Version 0.9.7 was released today.  It includes fixes for 
almost all outstanding bugs,  a beefed-up regression test 
suite, and an updated, but still incomplete, Users' Guide.

Cheetah is Open Source Software. Tavis Rudd (me), Mike Orr, 
Chuck Esterbrook, Ian Bicking and Tom Schwaller are the 
core developers. We welcome contributions and suggestions.  
We also welcome any general discussion about Python-based 
templates on the cheetahtemplate-discuss e-mail list.  You 
can subscribe and view the archives at:

More information can be found at


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