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From "Nick Bauman" <>
Subject Re: How do we win?
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 03:53:49 GMT
> At 12:15 PM -0700 7/16/01, Jon Stevens wrote:
>>This is a perfect example of something I see all the time:
>>     If we don't write docs, people complain that there are no docs. If
>>     we write docs, people don't read them.
>>How do we win?


> There is far more complex world than implied by such cartesian 
> either-or choices. The answer to your question is to avoid such bogus 
> choices altogether. The software industry is full of examples of 
>software that delights users regardless of whether they read the docs 
>or not. Apple, Microsoft and Adobe are particularly well-known 
> examples of companies who do this well.

I didn't get into Velocity so I can get a handjob from the likes of Adobe: 
This stuff works because of what you contribute. Adobe's stuff works by how 
much they can get for the software they flog. Clue! Totally different 
development approaches.

> None of this is rocket science, just common-sense, Jon. Ignore it at 
> your peril.

Here's some theoretical physics for you: 


and stop whinin'. Do you have any idea how you come off? ASF people gives 
you something _as a gift_ and you cry about how it's imperfect. Don't cry 
about it, improve it. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. =)

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