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From "Tim Joyce" <>
Subject Re: reporting bugs
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 07:00:21 GMT

> I put a badly formatted statement in my template file.  (I mistakenly
> in an HTML editor instead of a text editor, resulting in a quote being
> entered as '&quot;' instead of '"'.  Instead of throwing a
> ParseErrorException, my HTML output said "Internal Servlet Error" and
> printed a stacktrace.  Oddly, my servlet encloses the call to
> in a try/catch statement, so an exception should have been caught.

it's an error, not an exception :(

> Fixing
> the bad statement in the template file caused the error to go away.
> The incorrect statement was:
> #set ($a = &quot;Price&quot;)

bizarely I reported this to webmacro a couple of days ago.  I IMHO javacc
has a bug where it throws Errors and not Exceptions when it hits token

  public class TokenMgrError extends Error

Anyway brian fixed this by catching and wraping:

      catch (TokenMgrError e) {
        throw new ParseException("Lexical error: " + e.toString());

I know this doesn't help you, but as it's occured twice, perhaps someone
should raise this with the Javacc people.



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