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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: newbie: What `controller' to use with Velocity `view'?
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 19:26:04 GMT
Chris Shenton wrote:
> I'm pretty new to Java, but have been coding other languages for quite
> a while.  At work, we've been using WebMacro for the `view' in our MVC
> model, with a home-grown `controller' which manages session, access,
> etc, under Apache+jserv.
> I'd like to move into Velocity for `view' but am befuddled by what
> `controller' to use.  Sounds like most Velocity developers are using
> Jakarta-tomcat, which I haven't played with yet -- does it function as
> a `controller', or is a controller just part of the tomcat framework?
> Is it possible to use Velocity with jserv? Other suggestions?

You can think of Tomcat as the follow-on to JServ.  It's the reference
implementation for the Servlet spec, and Tomcat v3.2 covers spec version
2.2.  Tomcat v4 covers the servlet spec 2.3.  Tomcat 4 isn't ready for
production yet.

You should be easily able to port your application from JServ to tomcat,
and use Velocity.

And yes, velocity should work with JServ, if you are careful, although
if you are doing a change like this, you may take advantage of the time
and make the move to Tomcat.  Highly recommended.

> For a Java newbie like me, some of the larger frameworks like what I
> believe Struts or Turbine offer would be overkill.  Or maybe I should
> just dive into them if they offer a sufficiently sophisticated
> environment that I can leverage their facilities.  But at this point
> I'm looking for simplicity and a less steep learning curve.
> Suggestions welcome.

No matter what you choose, I would move forward onto tomcat.

As for frameworks?  Dive in...  take a look.


Geir Magnusson Jr.                 
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