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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: singleton Velocity engine
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:12:06 GMT
piero de salvia wrote:
> Hi Geir,
> in reality I did investigate the subject and realized
> I could do that, and I could also prepend/append a
> string to every template request, indicating a
> different "application".
> reason why i don't want to do that is the apps are
> really separate. my clients will go to the template
> directory and do their templates directly (like with
> dreamweaver etc.).
> the other app is a content manager app that takes care
> of content (I know how you guys are fond of MVC so I
> MVC too). If Velocity is singleton, the second app's
> templates will mix up with the customer's templates,
> chances of namespace clashes and so on.

I guess I would have to see it.  I know some people can't work by
partitioning the templates into different directories, one for each app
for various and sundry reasons.

However, if the apps are distinct, why can't the controller prepend the
client's directory name for any requests going to that client's app?

> So I hopefully wait. what happens if I un-static
> everything in source?

It breaks.  Everything is currently dependant upon this.

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