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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: cache check interval
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:32:32 GMT
David Esposito wrote:
> yes, that's what i meant ... ;) ...
> i don't quite follow what you mean when you say: "if we were clever, these
> would be constants defined by the loader that they are specific to, not in
> general."
> you mean the fact that you could have a FileResourceLoader and a
> JarResourceLoader and each might have different cache/checkInterval
> settings?


Remember, the first token in the 


is the token that you defined in 

resource.loader = <blargh1>,<blargh2>

(if you have more than one...)

so it would be

resource.loader = jar
jar.resource.loader.class = (whatever it is)
jar.resource.loader.cache = <val>

if it supported such a thing.  Now, you could just as 'correctly' done
this as

resource.loader = onceuponamidnightdreary

onceuponamidnightdreary.resource.loader.class =
onceuponamidnightdreary.resource.loader.cache = true

but that would make administration harder :)

We have "file.resource.loader.<XXX>" as constants because historically,
it was the first loader, and also, it is generally going to be the most


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