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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: Can I write a macro that can call itself?
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 15:24:51 GMT
Nick Bauman wrote:
> I kind of see Jon's point: if you have something to contribute, we'd like
> to have it, so do the contribution in code (and send out a `diff -uNr`).
> This is similar to the IETF approach ("A whitepaper and a running
> implementation, not just a whitepaper") and they get a lot done as a
> result. What you are arguing about is so minimal (the name of the dir being
> searched instead of CWD) that the miles of text you've written to complain
> about it you could have made the change to the source, which you have under
> your nose, approximately 76.8 times over.
> AFA compile-time checking versus properties files I think is a matter of
> taste in this case. Velocity comes with the defaults defined in a
> properties file in the CLASSPATH, as opposed to being defined in an
> interface as static finals. Big whup. I've used both in my code (although I
> tend to choose to do what you suggest) and I see no appreciable difference
> in the value of both approaches.

Actually, Velocity comes with it's defaults in it's own jar - Velocity
comes with a complete set of defaults to ensure that it will work out of
the box w/o major stress and worry about properties.
You can then do whatever you want to customize the runtime


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