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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: template encodings
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:19:39 GMT
Rian Schmidt wrote:
> OK, well, I'll speak up for the lurker community.  I really like Velocity.
> I am trying to integrate it into a new product, and so I subscribe to this
> mailing list so that I can read all the tips and information that pass
> through.  So, I read almost all of the traffic.
> As I'm sure you guys are aware, the last couple of days have been really
> voluminous and dumb.  Maybe when someone shows up to sell their own approach
> (without having done even the minimum of research as far as I could tell) or
> you get offended with someone's (reasonable or not) insistence that a
> "feature" is really a "bug," you could engage them in email if you feel the
> need?  Or just acknowledge or ignore the comment and drop it?
> It's just a request; I'm going to continue to use Velocity in any case, but
> I'd like to be able to continue following the threads on the mailing list
> without wanting to slap someone on the back of the head.


I definitely overreacted. It was very hot and humid here and I felt like
I was being needled a bit. Maybe I was imagining things. I think that
there is an issue where the Velocity developers seem to have some kind
of chip on their shoulders. I did not even say initially that anything
about the template encodings was a bug or that it didn't work properly.
I was simply making some fuzzy comments and I seemed to elicit this
defensive reaction.

In general, this idea that everybody should have read all the docs or
something is misguided and should not be encouraged.

But I did overreact. I was lurking and found some of the stuff annoying
too, and then (since human nature is perverse) I contributed to it.

Jonathan Revusky
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