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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: template encodings
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 01:04:11 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:
> on 7/16/01 4:35 PM, "Jonathan Revusky" <> wrote:
> > Well, you do seem argumentative, Geir.
> He is being argumentative in response to you being a complete asshole.

Not a good strategy. If somebody is being a complete asshole, it's
better just to say that they have good ideas, and you'll take it into
account and that you appreciate the feedback... 

Works far better...

> I really don't see a problem with that.

Well, I guess that's a truly important fact, seeing as how you are the
moral and ethical compass of the entire fucking world.

> > (You don't know me, I know, but I really am a very strong java
> > developer, you know... I do understand this stuff! :-))
> So far, I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that as being true.

Well, if you want to go look, go download some of my code and look at
it. I don't really have any feeling that I have to prove anything to

And in general, I don't go around thinking anybody has to prove anything
to me. I tend to give people benefit of the doubt. And in general, I try
not to go around behaving like some kind of complete and utter fucking
prima donna. 

To paraphrase Bob Dylan on (or shortly after) his 60th birthday:

You may be a hair-dresser, 
know how to cut hair...
You may have written a template engine,
but not many people care...

> p.s. Next time you are out in Berkeley, California, I would be happy to buy
> you dinner and a drink. I'm sure you are a nice guy in person.

Oh, thanks. :-) I might take you up on that. Out of curiosity...
> -jon

Jonathan Revusky
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