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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: template encodings
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 17:05:17 GMT
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> Dear Jonathan,
> Is JOE NEWBIE supposed to, at least, know some Java?
> You got your idea trough, but most people posting on this thread
> just do NOT agree with your idea that programmers are not supposed
> to read the documentation.

The above is a grotesque distortion of what I was saying. 

> We also do not agree with the idea that a potentially dangerous
> option should be ON by default.
> You see, it is nothing personal: we just do NOT agree with the
> ideas you exposed.
> Now, I could not care less about your background or the weather
> there. I just care if the ideas you expose make sense or not.
> BTW, these are a few things that do not help when you want to
> put your ideas trough:
>  - Writing complete sentences in uppercase;
>  - Being impolite;
>  - Assuming too much about how another poster is or about what
>    he pretends;
>  - Not attacking someone that respected in the list for his
>    civility and very hard work.
> And in my (repeated) experience, Geir DOES try to understand
> what anyone has to say even when initially it does not sound so
> interesting to him and he often ends up implementing those
> ideas.
> > In all likelihood, I will unsubscribe from this list shortly!
> Very personal opinion: be my guest, the value you added to this
> list up to now does not seem to balance the damage.

I have already admitted that I overreacted and got annoyed too easily.
However, I do not believe that this has got so bad solely due to me. I
am certain that, given the personalities and basic "culture" here, this
kind of flare-up will be a frequent happening after I unsubscribe from
the list. I suspect that stuff like this happened often before I ever

Also, at this stage, it is fairly clear to me that it is the other
people in the thread who just can't let go.

Jonathan Revusky
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