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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject I would like to stop now, please. Re: EventCartridge
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 17:24:36 GMT
"Geir Magnusson Jr." wrote:
> Brian Lloyd-Newberry wrote:
> >
> > Hey All,
> >
> >     Frequently in processor that I am writing/using I need to be able
> > to give users (i.e. me) a "intelligent" message in regards to what is
> > happening when there are null references or other velocity odditities
> > in their templates.
> >
> >     Right now I can use an EventCartridge to catch a NullSetEvent or a
> > MethodExceptionEvent, but I am at a loss as to how to make use of the
> > event to display a line and resource identifier so the user can fix
> > their problem. As I see the code it is not possible to get information
> > relative to the node that an event came from (where I could get the
> > line and column) and even if i had a node get the resource it was
> > parsed from.
> Yes, that's something we didn't think of when we did it.  I think the
> general feeling was to make it more for runtime use, but this certainly
> is valid.
> Ug.
> I read the message a while ago when I got home, and have been stewing
> over it... makes me wonder what to do other than tell you to read the
> manual.
> (Sorry, I couldn't resist the last part :)
> >     The "look in the velocity log" argument is not really an option for
> > writing a viable tool as far as I see it for several reasons. Is this
> > something that would be desirable to others? Is this the intention of
> > the EventCartridge? It seems like an Event in the Cartridge should
> > contain the source node for the event. I would be willing to look at
> > the code and "work on it" unless I get screamed down. :)
> No, looking at the log isn't that hip for your use, I suppose, although
> it's easy for you to implement a custom logger so you get the log
> messages programatically.  I don't know if that would help.  Take a look
> at the ExternalLoggerTest test case (org.apache.velocity.test) or the
> logger_example in /examples.  And read the docs too.
> (aw, sorry, did it again...)

Please give it a rest. I never said that someone trying to use velocity
in a very advanced, specific way, like the person you're replying to
should not have to read the docs, or quite possibly root around in the
source. And I certainly never said, as somebody was implying in a recent
(pile-on) email that people are specifically *not supposed to* read the

I was making a simple point about the undesirability of having
out-of-the-box defaults that are anti-intuitive. That's about it. 

Look, you've put a lot of work in, hard, good work, and you're proud of
it and you have the right to be proud of it. BUT:

You're so damned ego-involved that you cannot seem to react to comments
that even remotely resemble criticism in a balanced way. It is sad that
you wear your hyper-sensitivity on your sleeve like this. But it's like
something is now stuck in your craw and you're not letting go and it's
really tiresome...


Jonathan Revusky
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