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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: newbie: What `controller' to use with Velocity `view'?
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 21:41:49 GMT
on 7/3/01 11:31 AM, "Chris Shenton" <> wrote:

> I'm pretty new to Java, but have been coding other languages for quite
> a while.  At work, we've been using WebMacro for the `view' in our MVC
> model, with a home-grown `controller' which manages session, access,
> etc, under Apache+jserv.
> I'd like to move into Velocity for `view' but am befuddled by what
> `controller' to use.  Sounds like most Velocity developers are using
> Jakarta-tomcat, which I haven't played with yet -- does it function as
> a `controller', or is a controller just part of the tomcat framework?
> Is it possible to use Velocity with jserv? Other suggestions?
> For a Java newbie like me, some of the larger frameworks like what I
> believe Struts or Turbine offer would be overkill.  Or maybe I should
> just dive into them if they offer a sufficiently sophisticated
> environment that I can leverage their facilities.  But at this point
> I'm looking for simplicity and a less steep learning curve.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks.

You are confusing a servlet engine (tomcat) with the controller. The
controller would be something like VelocityServlet or if you want to get
more "advanced", use one of the 4 different (known) webapp frameworks which
are listed on our poweredby page. I'm personally biased towards Turbine, of



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