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From Bob Hutchison <>
Subject Anakia html page widths
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2001 16:33:17 GMT

I've (finally) spent some time tracking down the cause of some formatting
behaviour in the developer's guide that I'm not too fond of. The problem is
that I cannot conveniently read or print the document without losing the
right hand side of the document. The same problem exists in the user guide
but it prints in landscape at least (the developer's guide is too wide for
that even).

It turns out that it is being caused by the use of tables (presumably by
anakia) to format text areas that contain very long words. If the long
strings are not in tables then you only lose the right hand side of the
lines that contain the very long words.

An example of what I mean is

OK, so there isn't anything you can do about long strings, but I sure would
rather lose part of that one line than the whole document. This is about as
far as I am able to take it. Is there anything that can be done in Anakia to
solve this problem?

Sorry if I'm blaming Anakia for something that isn't its fault.


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