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From Guillaume Mathe <>
Subject Re:How can I get rid of !DOCTYPE HTML ... header generated by Velocity?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 07:35:20 GMT
Pinch me. Does Velocity actually generate HTML headers !?!?

Mircea: Check your .vm files. The header should be there, texto.
If not, check your servlet, it's generated somewhere and put on Velocity context.
Unless you're using a special framework....

Guillaume Mathe

Original message from: "Mircea Zahan"
>Hello everybody.
>I need to build a site which needs only IE compatibility.
>So, I need that my generated HTML not to be by the HTML 4.0 standard,
>but to use IE's extensions.
>Velocity generates the <!DOCTYPE HTML ....> header which tells IE
>to conform to the 4.0 standard.
>Is there any way I can convince Velocity not to generate it?
>Thank you.

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