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From Guillaume Mathe <>
Subject Re: velocimacro as parameter
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 13:40:22 GMT
Original message from: "Geir Magnusson Jr."
>On 10/5/01 8:26 AM, "Guillaume Mathe" <> wrote:
>> Hi Geir,
>> Could you copy/paste all this in a FAQ and put it on the site ?
>> I've fallen on this case before and i had to figure out by myself. This is
>> exactly the kind of very useful info i was after...
>Sure - which part? The whole thing?

Beginning from " A directive isn't a valid argument to a directive." - i think.
Calling this FAQ "Velocimacro as parameter" or "Nested parameter directives" should be fine.
Maybe this case doesnt exactly fall under the FAQ category, more in the "useful things to
know". But since all developers (me included) hit the 'FAQ' button 
each time they're after some useful info.... They other solution is in the User's Guide -
chapter 12, or chapter 15 under 'advanced issues' .
It's up to you.

Guillaume Mathe

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