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From "Blair Martin" <>
Subject Re: The "proper" way to configure/deploy Velocity servlets on anapp server?
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 00:51:19 GMT
> There might be no path for your war/ear file. It might come off a
> database.. Or a CDrom.. or whatever. So do not expect paths to exist at
> all.
> Instead, you will have to rely on the servlet container to fetch stuff for
> you. (btw; a servlet container shall provide temporary directory for you
> to write files i, you find this by some env.variable).
> To get things relative to the webroot, use
> resource). Read the javadocs. This resource will come off the webroot, and
> to get stuff inside WEB-INF, you specify e.g.
> "/WEB-INF/" as the resource name.

Excellent. This is exactly the information I needed.

I've done something like this in loadConfiguration:

        Properties p = new Properties();
        String propsFile = "/";
        InputStream istream =
        if ( istream != null )
{            p.load( istream );        }

Works great. Thanks.


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