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From "Nick Bauman" <>
Subject Re: OT: DataSourceResourceLoader and versioning
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 18:53:22 GMT


> However, version control of those database rows doesn't appear easy to
> me. Even with the protection afforded by three separate environments
> for DEV/QA/Production, rollback would likely be problematic after
> somebody in Marketing and Marketing-QA writes, approves, QA's, pushes
> to prod, and then says, "DOH! We can't have 'Our Woogie Foozels!' -
> we'll get sued! Help us revert back, Mr. IT Guy!!!"

This is an audience question, not a technical one. If the business people
want to be able to change templates themselves, without involving a web
developer or myself then the templates go in the DB and they don't get
version control, they get an web-based editor for uploading new templates in
the database. Period. If they screw it up, they fix it themselves.

Think about it: if marketing and sales had version control they wouldn't
know what to do with it anyway. (Give a caveman a machine gun and they'll
club you over the head with it). OTH, if someone in technology, someone who
knows and understands CVS, is making the template changes, then the
templates stay on the filesystem, get checked into CVS when changed, etc
etc, since we have other more pressing things to do than write WYSIWYG
editors for Velocity templates that web developers would just find irritating.

> Obviously a custom DB front end could be written that would save
> revisions of the templates, allow for DIFFs, rollbacks, build
> tagging/labelling - starting to sound like recreating CVS with a DB
> backend, eh?
> Has anybody invented that wheel?
> Thanks folks - I appreciate your time and collective knowledge :-) Timo

My position is "Don't rewrite CVS in SQL."

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