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From Jim Seach <>
Subject Re: OT: DataSourceResourceLoader and versioning
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 17:59:34 GMT

I haven't solved the problem you are encountering, but I do have a few

You must have already developed routines to load the templates into the
database from the edited files, so you could wrap that in an ANT task,
set up a separate CVS repository for templates, and set up an ANT
target to checkout the templates from CVS and load them into the
database.  That way, you have version control plus an easy way to

Another option would be to skip the database repository for the
templates entirely, and instead create a CVSResourceLoader that will
load templates directly from CVS based on a version label.  You could
create an administrative page in your application to update the label
and flush the template cache.

What do you think?

Jim Seach

--- Tim Colson <> wrote:
> This is slightly related to the thread regarding the
> DataResourceLoader, but
> certainly not a Velocity specific question. Please, stop now if
> you're not
> interested in loading your templates from a database.
> ---
> Templates in a filestore is easy to version control. CVS. Done.
> However, making updates requires a build of the application (in our
> environment) from CVS.
> For making those all-important changes like "Our Woogie blips!" to
> "Our
> Woogie Rocks!" - it's painful (to the developers) to go through a
> full
> build, QA, migrate cycle - especially considering the fine MVC
> separation
> which means the developer written/tested code didn't change. :-)
> Templates in a database make it easy to affect changes to production
> output.
> (Ha - from a src viewpoint this is true separation of V from C
> <grin>)
> However, version control of those database rows doesn't appear easy
> to me.
> Even with the protection afforded by three separate environments for
> DEV/QA/Production, rollback would likely be problematic after
> somebody in
> Marketing and Marketing-QA writes, approves, QA's, pushes to prod,
> and then
> says, "DOH! We can't have 'Our Woogie Foozels!' - we'll get sued!
> Help us
> revert back, Mr. IT Guy!!!"
> Obviously a custom DB front end could be written that would save
> revisions
> of the templates, allow for DIFFs, rollbacks, build tagging/labelling
> -
> starting to sound like recreating CVS with a DB backend, eh?
> Has anybody invented that wheel?
> Thanks folks - I appreciate your time and collective knowledge :-)
> Timo
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