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From LS <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Nested Templates
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 19:46:18 GMT
Robert, I think what you are looking for is a web development framework. Velocity,
on the other hand, is a templating engine that happens to work very well with web
frameworks. Several web frameworks exist, and I can recommend Maverick as a very
small, simple, free, and usable way to wrap a framework around Velocity pages.
Turbine, also from the Jakarta project, performs this role, along with doing a lot
of other things.

Geir et al, I wonder if it makes sense to write up a quick blurb on this topic and
put it somewhere visible, like Velocity FAQ?

--- Robert Edgar <> wrote:
> I am trying to convert existing pages that use xsl into Velocity.
> What I want to know is how to implment the following style in Velocity...
> <xsl:template match="/page">
> 	<xsl:call-template name="stdPage">
> 		<xsl:with-param name="SideBar">
> 			<xsl:call-template name="SideBar"/>
> 		</xsl:with-param>
> 		<xsl:with-param name="panelC">
> 			<xsl:call-template name="FeatureBoxes" />
> 		</xsl:with-param>
> 		<xsl:with-param name="panelR">
> 			<xsl:call-template name="banner125">
> 				<xsl:with-param name="index" select="2"/>
> 			</xsl:call-template>
> 			<xsl:call-template name="banner125">
> 				<xsl:with-param name="index" select="3"/>
> 			</xsl:call-template>
> 			<xsl:call-template name="banner125">
> 				<xsl:with-param name="index" select="4"/>
> 			</xsl:call-template>
> 		</xsl:with-param>
> 	</xsl:call-template>
> </xsl:template>
> If it isn't obvious what I have is a global template which is a standard
> page with a left,center and right columns which I will fill with the
> contents of parsing other templates. ie I want to call a template and pass
> it a parameter which is the result of parsing another template.
> I cant see how this is done in Velocity.
> Rob
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