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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: Velocity exits foreach loop in macro unpredictably -- partial
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 22:36:10 GMT
On 11/5/01 4:20 PM, "Nick Bauman" <> wrote:

>> On 11/5/01 4:04 PM, "Nick Bauman" <> wrote:
>>> The preliminary results when caching is turned on shows a reduction in
>>> the number of problem transcripts that have fewer lines (from the
>>> foreach loop) than they should. In 10,000 iterations in our load
>>> testing environment, only a handful have fewer than expected events
>>> rendered.
>> I'm skeptical.  I assume that you don't get the full output set from
>> the #foreach(), but you have follow-on 'stuff' from later in either
>> *that macro* or *that template*?
> Correct. This is why I think it's the foreach. Mind you, I cannot make a
> contrived example do what our load testing environment is doing, which
> frustrates the hell out of me! I'm still working on it.
>> Or does the render output end abruptly after one of the elements in the
>> #foreach() ?
> Just to be clear, the render output DOES NOT end abruptly, only that the
> template does not render all the legally-renderable events in the meeting
> which is iterated over in the foreach loop.

That's what I thought, and that's why I am a little skeptical about the
cache issue (although who knows...).  To explain, because you rendered
'stuff' that came after the loop, and further, other parts of the template,
the bug reference earlier doesn't apply, because that is due to fast,
multithreaded cycling of the VM manager's namespaces making VM definitions
'disappear'.  You are calling every VM that you expect...

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