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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject OT: DataSourceResourceLoader and versioning
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 16:42:52 GMT
This is slightly related to the thread regarding the DataResourceLoader, but
certainly not a Velocity specific question. Please, stop now if you're not
interested in loading your templates from a database.

Templates in a filestore is easy to version control. CVS. Done.

However, making updates requires a build of the application (in our
environment) from CVS.

For making those all-important changes like "Our Woogie blips!" to "Our
Woogie Rocks!" - it's painful (to the developers) to go through a full
build, QA, migrate cycle - especially considering the fine MVC separation
which means the developer written/tested code didn't change. :-)

Templates in a database make it easy to affect changes to production output.
(Ha - from a src viewpoint this is true separation of V from C <grin>)

However, version control of those database rows doesn't appear easy to me.
Even with the protection afforded by three separate environments for
DEV/QA/Production, rollback would likely be problematic after somebody in
Marketing and Marketing-QA writes, approves, QA's, pushes to prod, and then
says, "DOH! We can't have 'Our Woogie Foozels!' - we'll get sued! Help us
revert back, Mr. IT Guy!!!"

Obviously a custom DB front end could be written that would save revisions
of the templates, allow for DIFFs, rollbacks, build tagging/labelling -
starting to sound like recreating CVS with a DB backend, eh?

Has anybody invented that wheel?

Thanks folks - I appreciate your time and collective knowledge :-)

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