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From Christoph Reck <>
Subject Re: datatype problem
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:00:07 GMT
Hi Tom,

take a look at the tools in commons sandbox: io, utils, code, etc.
You will find very useful tools there (ClassUtils, FileUtils, etc.),

I'm not sure if the DateUtils from Nathan or mine habe found a better
place in commons.

The contract of the tools in commons is to have little or no dependencies
to other classes. You can checkout the files from CVS and just use them
from your servlet (if either they have an empty constructor or they have 
static methods). It will save you from reinventing the wheel in many 
cases, in addition to learn something. If you distribute your code, give 
proper credit as required by the apache license.

:) Christoph

Tom Bednarz wrote:
> Geir,
> >
> > There are and we will do a better job of getting these together.  Take a
> > look in commons-sandbox for the 'Rupert' tools.  Nathan just submitted
> some
> > new tools as well.
> >
> > We'll get these into the -tools project Real Soon Now.
> >
> I have retrieved the sources from CVS and looked at the tools. It seems that
> there are duplicates for date formatting and math. (I did not look into the
> details, they for sure have differences...)
> What do you think about a 'tools wish-list'. Once a wish-list exists we
> could publish it and ask who has already written code and is willing to
> contribute it. After that we could compile a velocity-toolkit.
> I am currently porting a large application from JSP to velocity (I am almost
> finished). I started a class called 'VelocityTools' which only provides
> methods to do all sort of conversions. The class contains currently no data.
> I hacked it whenever I needed something that was missing in Velocity. So the
> class is not structured at all but this can be done later. When I review my
> code I will certainly find things that are repetitive and could go into a
> toolkit. So the class will grow a bit further. If you are interested, I can
> send the code to you once I finished it and you can decide what you consider
> useful for a velocity-toolkit.
> Cheers
> Thomas
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:) Christoph Reck

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