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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: runtime.log and texen
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 06:53:15 GMT

stujin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Texen to do some Java code generation, and have been having
> great success so far. However, one problem I've had is that the
> velocity.log file is written to whatever directory I happen to be in
> when I execute my TexenTask. I'd like to change Velocity's "runtime.log"
> property so that the log will always go to an absolute path.
> It doesn't look like TexenTask provides any hooks for subclasses to set
> properties prior to initializing Velocity, and I'm not sure how I could
> set the log location in a properties file such that Texen/Velocity would
> notice.

It looks like you're correct.  I submitted a patch for the DVSL that
solves this problem in two ways.  First, by default, the Velocity logging
is integrated with Ant's logging using a new AntLogSystem class so no
velocity.log file is generated.  Velocity messages are output by Ant's
logging in a manner commensurate with Ant's current logging level.  

The alternative option is to specify a filename for the logfile attribute
which ultimately is the name and location of the velocity.log file.

Task a look at DVSLTask, DVSL and AntLogSystem classes in the DVSL
distro.  I'm sure a patch for texen would be welcome after Velocity 1.3 is


I suppose a similar change would be appropriate 
> I'm using a 1.3-dev version circa 3/1/02.
> Any ideas?
> Justin C.

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