> I'm attempting to use the #match directive with unions to match one node > or another: > #match( "aaa | bbb" ) > What I'm finding is it matches "aaa" nodes but not "bbb" nodes. > > The real easy way to reproduce this is to modify > examples/simple/docs/example1.dvsl changing: > #match("document") > to > #match("aaa | document") > it will then fail to match on "document" and not output the > section. However, changing it to: > #match("document | aaa") > does work. > > I'm assuming this is really a dom4j issue so I upgraded to version 1.2 but > this hasn't helped. I'm attempting to reproduce this using the dom4j > API's. In the meantime, I'm open to suggestions. dom4j uses Jaxen (http://jaxen.org/) under the covers for XPath stuff, so if you want to boil things down to original sources, I suggest... 1) Try a Document.selectNodes(...) through the dom4j API. If that fails... 2) Try XPath.selectNodes( doc ) through the Jaxen API. At one point, we didn't have the union operator working right, but I think it's been fixed for a while, and dom4j 1.2 should have integrated the latest jaxen sources, I think. James? -bob -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: