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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: Whitespace, redux
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 00:40:48 GMT

Christoph said:
> Only the #output(true|false|"hold") thread
> raised another possible approach, but as others stated it does not 
> solve the problem of proper whitespace handling and can get to be a 
> PITA when doing structured constructs in templates.

> I'll take issue with the phrase 'proper whitespace handling' 
> as I think the definition of 'proper' is what we are arguing about.


And just for the record, darned if I know what the proper way really
should be :-)

It changes for me day to day depending on the templates desired output
content type. 
There seems to be a big difference especially between content types that
mostly ignore whitespace those that are highly sensitive to whitespace
for formatting.

Geir continued:
> I agree that #output() would be a PITA for certain things, 
> but it certainly is a nice way to solve a whole raft of issues, 
> including removing whole blocks of code for debugging.

Assuming for a minute this design was chosen (I'm a fan, I think, maybe,
today...), I believe Christoph has a sound point saying there are still
whitespace issues to consider.

Christoph quipped:
>  [Revised whitespace gobbling rule] does not make things more
>  but makes it simpler and orthogonal.
Geir replied:
>I am not sure I even understand the last sentence.

I am Vroomfondel! And I demand that I do not understand that sentence
either! <grin>

(Please check out for 'orthogonal' and HHGTHG for


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