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From "Steven Hugg" <>
Subject Re: Whitespace, redux
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 17:15:07 GMT
Geir, I fully support the idea of switchable whitespace behavior-- sorry I
didn't state that in my original post.  I certainly don't want to break
backwards compatibility.

I think the problem with agreeing on whitespace behavior is deciding what's
both "natural" and "predictable".  "Natural" varies based on the
application, and "predictable" depends on how simple and how well-documented
the behavior is ;)

I like Jim's idea of the preprocessor -- but how about a layer between the
parser and the parse tree that gobbles whitespace (or whatever transform is
desired) directly on the AST nodes, or before they're built?  In a
preprocessor that operates directly on the text, you might have parse
gotchas when greedily devouring whitespace.

I like Chris's propsal too, I don't think it's a whole lot different... I
like the idea of a #text directive (or a ${"..."} construct) but it's the
same thing as #**#text#**#, isn't it? :)


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