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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: Advantages of JSP over Velocity
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:38:55 GMT
> Are there any advantages of JSP over Velocity?  
It takes less breath to say "JSP sucks"? <grin>

> Is there anything JSP can do that Velocity can't?  
Heh heh... sure, thing. :-)

- JSP can enfuriate you easily if there are errors.
- JSP can have java code embedded inside it, invariably leading to
- JSP can take forever to learn, whereas Velocity usually only takes an

Seriously - the only good thing I can think of is the ability to rapidly

But hey, with the Velocity-Tools Toolbox, VelocityViewServlet, and a SQL
tool in the context - we could build simple Model 1 apps using only *.vm
files too. 
(Let's hope we keep our sanity and avoid this path in lieu of an MVC

> I keep thinking there must be another side of the story.  

True. There is... but I think Charles point #3 sums most of the opinions
I hear - the "Sun blessed standard acronym". I'll bet if Velocity was
named JTL "Java Template Language" - there'd be a mass exodus into the
JTL camp over JSP. <laugh>

> The only thing in favor of JSP that I have found 
> is the custom tag libraries that are available, especially 
> with Struts.
Heh heh - and here are a couple problems I have with that custom tag
- "usually" they involve embedding HTML (i.e. presentation info) inside
of Java code - not good separation
- If the taglib needs changing ("I want negative numbers in drop-downs
to be pink.") you need to grab a Java Developer to make a UI change.
- Learning curve (Struts is great, use it myself, but the taglibs can
die a horrible death IMHO so I'll never have to relearn how to use

#macro's throw the smack down on taglibs! <grin>

Biasedly yours -

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