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From "Claude Brisson" <>
Subject Re: Velosurf 0.5 released
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 10:12:28 GMT
(by the way, the link to the docs was broken - it's okay now

> Does this merge the Model, even some of
> the controller functionality into my View. Wouldn't be better to use
> Torque, to create DAO and VO to work with instead?

Velosurf does nothing else than offer a generic DAO+VO mapping, which you can customize to
fit your own needs.

I consider it as doing a bottom-up approach to the MVC philosophy, rather than a top-down
one : fisrt, let's have things working,
then, see where intermediate layers should be developed.

If you still think it's not an MVC behaviour, then take Velosurf as a tool well suited for
small or medium sized projects (or for
prototypes) where MVC would really be heavy.

> Maybe I am misunderstanding the goals of
> Velocity, but I thought it was to make
> sure that view could only do the view.

The main goal of Velocity is first to be a nice template engine !
And only then to try to respect some MVC principles...

> If this isn't a bad thing, why not have this as part of the tools
> project?

It's not under my juridiction :-)

> Wouldn't dbtool be a name? I'm not sure how Velosurf tells me
> that this about a database?

Right, right. At least, you can guess it's something related to Velocity...


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