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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: VELTOOLS - App scope items?
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 15:14:30 GMT
Nathan said:
> but, as an easier and more immediate solution, would it be enough if we
> changed the search order in ChainedContext's internalGet(String) method to
> put the request/response/session/application at the end?   That would
> you to override the key "application" with an application-scope ViewTool
> that wraps the ServletContext and only exposes the methods you feel
> comfortable giving to the designer.   I'm thinking a search order for
> ChainedContext like:
> toolboxContext.get(key)
> super.internalGet(key)
> request/response/session/application
> request attributes
> session attributes
> application attributes

well, i went ahead and did it.  it works well enough for me, but as this is
still essentially a hack, we may still want to go with a more elegant
solution later.  anyhow, here's the patch for this if anyone feels inclined
to commit it...

btw, what's the status on my ParameterParser patch?  is that going to get
committed?  if no, can i get some feedback on why not?  if yes, when?  there
seem to be an increasing number of people using it, and the patch does
revamp the api (much for the better IMO).  so the sooner it gets in there,
the easier the adjustment should be.

Nathan Bubna

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