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From Jon Schewe <>
Subject Jakarta Velocity 1.3 Released
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 18:19:50 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. writes:
 > The Velocity community is proud to announce the release of v1.3 of the
 > Jakarta Velocity template engine.
 > Along with numerous minor fixes, this release includes
 >  o Automatic detection of Jakarta Log4j or Jakarta Avalon's logkit
 >    for standard logging.
 >  o "Application Attributes" allow applications to interact with custom
 >     components such as resource loaders, loggers, etc.
 >  o The Resource Manager and Resource Cache are now pluggable, allowing
 >    for customized implementations.
 >  o The User's Guide is available in Finnish, French, Spanish and English
 > Thanks all for the patience.
 > I think we should roll the current CVS head out as 1.4-rc1 to get some of
 > the fixes out and available.  And no, it won't be the same release cycle.
 > Apologies...

Unfortunatly it appears that bugs fixed previously in CVS came back in this
release.  Most notably the following bug I sent to the list back in
April and was fixed by grabbing the latest from CVS at that time.
I have the following bit of text in a velocity template:
#if (${OBJECT_TYPE} == "collection")
   * Calls setIntersection with windowStart and windowEnd set to
   * PCFunctions.MIN_VALUE and PCFunctions.MAX_VALUE, respectively.
   * @see #setIntersection(PC${NAME}StepFunction, long, long)

When I run Velocity on the file I get the following:
[FATAL]: Problem merging template(Function): Encountered "Intersection" at
line 1079, column 15.
Was expecting one of:
    "(" ...
    <WHITESPACE> ...

I tried changing it to \#setIntersection, then my output contained the
backslash as well.  Is there anyway around this, short of setting a variable
to #set and using that in my template?

Jon Schewe |
*My views may not represent those of my employers

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