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From "TechnoSF" <>
Subject RE: Advantages of JSP over Velocity
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:46:36 GMT
Apart from basics such as HTML+Velo being much esier to work than JSP's, what makes Velocity
the  'killer app' for me is...

not having to wait for a JSP to compile as I battle with my sub-par HTML skills in a tag-by-tag
fight to the death. It's instant gratification baby!

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On 7/10/2002 at 17:46 Charles N. Harvey III wrote:

>An opinion on what JSP has over Velocity that I have run into (like a
>is that you are in complete control of the source.  With a custom tag you
>it and you manage it.  And if it breaks or doesn't have a feature that you
>then you make the change.  If there is something wrong with Velocity then
>have to wait for the next release.
>This argument is a bit ridiculous since it is open source code and you can
>any changes that you want.
>The other argument is that "There is no book on Velocity".  Thing is, the
>is so easy for web designers to learn that the only "book" needed is the
>web page on the site.  I personally think its much better than an enourmous
>JSP book.
>The third argument is that JSP is a Standard Implementation blessed by Sun.
>So if
>you are a standards kind of guy then JSP is your answer.  Then again,
>Velocity has
>a taglib so you can use it inside of JSP pages.
>>From my experience and from what others have said on this list (which is of
>slightly biased towards Velocity) is that Velocity has every JSP angle
>covered and
>it generally makes development easier for everyone.
>The best way it to just give it a shot.  Code a few pages.  Take some time
>to convert
>a small application that you have.  See if you like it.  Most of the people
>here are
>quite certain that you will.
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>> Subject: Advantages of JSP over Velocity
>> Are there any advantages of JSP over Velocity?  Is there anything JSP
>> can do that Velocity can't?  I have read much (on the Velocity web-site)
>> about the advantages of Velocity over JSP, but I keep thinking there
>> must be another side of the story.  The only thing in favor of JSP that
>> I have found is the custom tag libraries that are available, especially
>> with Struts.
>> Thanks in advance for any tips you can offer,
>>    --Paul
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