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From David Johnson <>
Subject Calling JSP tags from Velocity (was: Adv. of JSP over Vel.)
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:19:52 GMT

If you design your JSP tags correctly, it is possible to call them from 
Velocity scripts.  I've got a JSP tag that draws a calendar and I use it 
in my Struts/JSP based Weblog Editor GUI and I use it in Velocity-based 
Weblog page generation.

- Dave

Marc Logemann wrote:

>a good argument that webmacro is able to replace JSP totally is the
>struts framework.
>Struts relies heavily on taglibs as everybody knows, and as far as i know,
>you can use velocity inside struts without functionality loss, cause the taglibs
>have its brothers in the velocity tools which were created for struts environment.

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