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From Mike Williams <>
Subject [ANN] vDoclet-20020711 released
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:39:21 GMT
Version 20020711 of vDoclet has been released, and is available at

vDoclet is a Java code-generation framework. It takes Java source-code,
annotated with custom Javadoc tags, and uses Velocity templates to produce
a number of output files.

The distribution includes vDoclet/EJB: a vDoclet module that can be used to
generate EJB-related files.


Here's a summary of the major changes since the first (20020422) release of

    - Support for EJB 2.x local-interfaces.
    - Support for EJB 2.x message-driven beans.
    - Initial support for JBoss-3.0.
    - Some tags renamed (see "NEWS.txt" for details).
    - EJB bundle-properties file renamed.
    - More documentation.

... but there's still plenty of stuff on the to-do list.

cheers, Mike

"Don't pet the sweaty things."

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