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From Svensson Tommy <>
Subject RE: Jakarta Velocity 1.3 Released
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:04:56 GMT
Hello Geir,

I'm a lurker on the list, and doesn't say much, but I was quite amazed after
reading this!

I'm single, now working relatively normal hours (consultant), and I dont
think I have enough time for both a private life, exercise, and doing all
the private coding I want. Here you are, with a wife (must be very
understanding!), a fulltime jobb (where you've been working like crazy),
actually do things like sailing, and still gets out a product like Velocity,
and are involved in other projects!!! What is the secret? Sleep deprivation?
Being an incredibly fast typist? Magic? I'd really like to know! :-)

Best Regards, 
Tommy Svensson

-----Original Message-----
From: Geir Magnusson Jr.
To:; Velocity Developer's List
Sent: 2002-07-08 01:50
Subject: Re: Jakarta Velocity 1.3 Released

On 7/7/02 7:06 PM, "Terry Steichen" <> wrote:

> Geir,
> Many thanks for your dedication.  Ver 1.3 has been a while in coming,
but I
> believe we all understand how many last-minute details emerge just
> any major release.

The honest truth here is that I got hosed for a while with my consulting
work.  Almost 7 days a week for about 6 months. The 1.3-rc1 release was
when I was able to shake free for JavaOne, for example.  Lately, I've
reintroduced myself to my wife, and remembered how to race a sailboat...

Anyway, things with my professional work are now on an even keel, so I
should be able to resume devoting more time to Vel, DVSL, Jexl and other
things ...

> The remarkable quality of the Velocity product could
> simply not happen without your fantastic contribution, and that is
very much
> appreciated by us all.



> Best regards,
> Terry Steichen
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
> To: <>; "Velocity Developer's List"
> <>
> Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 6:05 PM
> Subject: Jakarta Velocity 1.3 Released
>> The Velocity community is proud to announce the release of v1.3 of
>> Jakarta Velocity template engine.
>> Along with numerous minor fixes, this release includes
>>  o Automatic detection of Jakarta Log4j or Jakarta Avalon's logkit
>>    for standard logging.
>>  o "Application Attributes" allow applications to interact with
>>     components such as resource loaders, loggers, etc.
>>  o The Resource Manager and Resource Cache are now pluggable,
>>    for customized implementations.
>>  o The User's Guide is available in Finnish, French, Spanish and
>> Thanks all for the patience.
>> I think we should roll the current CVS head out as 1.4-rc1 to get
some of
>> the fixes out and available.  And no, it won't be the same release
>> Apologies...
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Geir Magnusson Jr. 
Research & Development, Adeptra Inc.

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