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From Aslak Helles√ły <>
Subject Re: [ANN] vDoclet-20020711 released
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:22:28 GMT

As Jeff has correctly pointed out, XDoclet will start on a major refactoring
to Velocity after the next release (in a month or so we hope). XDoclet 1.1.2
has 17.000 downloads and many contributors. vDoclet is the third tool in its
category (EJBGen, XDoclet and vDoclet). My question is: Do we need another
one? I'm sure Mike could be of tremendous help if he chose to join us
instead of making a competing tool. In my opinion this would be a win-win

Before Ant there were many build tools available for Java (I don't remember
their names). Ant has 99% "market-share" in its category. It will be the
same with XDoclet. Why? Not because of its fantastic architecture! -But
because of its popularity. I think it will be hard for vDoclet to recruit
more developers because XDoclet is already very established. Without more
developers, you'll have to work full time for a long time to come close to
the functionality provided by XDoclet. (We support a dozen EJB containers,
Struts, Webwork, JDO, TODO list generation, etc. and there is more to come).

After all we're moving in the same direction. Further, XDoclet uses a custom
written javadoc engine (xjavadoc) that outperforms sun's javadoc engine by a
factor of 5! Not to mention javadoc's silly warning messages. For the last
time, Mike:


Aslak - The XDoclet team.

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